NoNo Sleeve Product Information


  • Bright red – visual reminder - the universal color for STOP
  • Fits over the forearm
  • Latex free material
  • Non-compressive fit
  • NoNo Sleeve logo is located at the bottom of the arm for maximum visibility and allows the patient/clinician to write their name and circle the affected side


  • Document name on designated line
  • Circle "left" or "right" to indicate at risk arm
  • Apply NoNo Sleeve to at risk arm with the logo placed on the anterior wrist
  • Confirm two fingers can fit comfortably under the NoNo Sleeve
  • The NoNo Sleeve is not intended to apply any compression
  • NoNo Sleeves are intended for arm use only


  • Regular (one size fits most)
  • Bariatric (for larger forearms)

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Evidence Based Practice Study: Protecting Arms from Medical Errors by Implementing the NoNo Sleeve (PDF)